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Our knowledgeable care network allows local & state communities to access our services and resources in person and online. Our Division’s faculty & staff battle infectious diseases by creating comprehensive treatment plans, educating patients on preventative techniques, and following guidelines for standardized care.

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To make an appointment, please call the IDGM Access Center. Phone: (352) 294-5480 Clinic Fax: (352) 627-4268 Hours: Monday-Friday / 8AM – 5PM

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Referring Physicians

To schedule an appointment for a referred patient: (352) 294-5480 To speak to a physician regarding a patient: (352) 294-5480 Send all new referrals to our Clinic Fax: (352) 627-4268

first appointment process

New Patients

Your referring physician should send your most recent clinic note, labs,etc. well as your current address, phone number, insurance information. If your situation is urgent you will usually receive a call back in 24 hours – all others within 72 hours of request

Our Outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy (OPAT)

The UF Health OPAT program was developed to help you get the right care, in the best possible
place for you.

The program allows patients to receive long-term intravenous antibiotics at home, in an infusion center, and inpatient rehab, or a skilled nursing facility depending on the patient’s specific needs.

Our outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy program allows patients who are well enough to no longer require inpatient hospitalization aside from needing IV antibiotics.

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