Patient Care

Remember! Always dial 9-1-1 for emergencies!

How to schedule appointments:

  • It is helpful for patients to have their medical record number, social security number and date of birth available when calling for an appointment. Patients are seen throughout the week.

For New Patients:

  • Please call (352) 294-5480 for a new patient appointment. Your referring physician should send your most recent clinic note, labs,etc. well as your current address, phone number, insurance information. Your referring physician should also indicate if the physician considers your situation to be urgent. Urgent referrals usually receive a call back in 24 hours, all others within 72 hours.

For Returning Patients:

  • Please call (352) 294-5480 for a return appointment.

Infectious Disease Clinic location:

Infectious Disease Clinic Admin Office:

  • (352) 294-5481

PLEASE NOTE: For TB patients, your microbiology results must be available prior to scheduling an appointment.