Travel Preparation

Travel Preparation Checklist

Interested in a Healthcare Experience Abroad?

Contact your Faculty Advisor/Program Director to discuss available programs and/or travel options.

Know Where You Are Traveling! Get Informed. Visit
Use this website as your guide to safe traveling and travel preparation. Contact your Faculty Advisor/Program Director with any locations at a Level 3 (Reconsider Travel) or Level 4 (Do Not Travel) Advisory.

Travel Documents. Visit  
Do you have a passport? If yes, most countries will not permit a traveler to enter the country unless the passport is set to expire at least 6 months after the final date of travel. Renew if < 6 months. 
Need to renew or apply? If yes, allow at minimum 6-8 weeks for form preparation and routine processing. Expedited options are available but can be costly. 
Do you need a Visa? Visit the website of the embassy of the country/ies you will be visiting to determine if you need a visa. Allow at minimum 6-8 weeks for form preparation and routing processing.

Register Trip with UF. Visit UF International Center: Travel Registration
Registering online enrolls you in TEAM ASSIST , a service provided by the University. The TEAMASSIST Emergency Assistance Program is not a health insurance policy but only an emergency assistance plan covering evacuation and repatriation.

Complete Travel Checklist. Visit UF International Center: Travel Checklist

Register for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program
The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is a free service for all US Citizens and nationals traveling abroad. You will be registered with the Embassy in order to receive important information for safety in the country, be contacted in case of an emergency and help family members contact you in an emergency.

International Center

Complete the Following Documents. Provide them to a Trusted Individual, and Carry a Copy With You.

Emergency Contacts Form

Travel Information Form

Medical Information Form

Read UF Principles of Engagement in Global Health

Upload and Email Link or Provide All the Important Information in Print Form to Contacts
Your emergency contact needs access to your: emergency contacts form, travel information form, medical information form, face page of passport, TEAM ASSIST CARD and confirmation of STEP enrollment. It is recommended to carry a hard copy and/or upload to the cloud for easy access for you and your emergency contact. Inform your Faculty Advisor/Program Director who has this emergency information for you

Download Travel Smart App
Download on your in country cell phone if applicable.