Division Administration


Molly Jensen
Division Administrator






Rebecca Gilbert

Rebecca Gilbert
Administrative Support Assistant II






Christie Little
Residency/Fellowship Program Assistant






Meghan Nodurft FromanMeghan Nodurft-Froman
Learning & Organizational Specialist





Toni Peters_MCM_2354Toni Peters
Administrative Support Assistant III





 AIDS Education and Training Center

Infectious Diseases/Global MedicineTaryn Buckley
Education/Training Specialist III






Southeastern National Tuberculosis Center

Setzer, Donna - 8x10Donna Setzer
Co-Executive Director and Director of eLearning





Simpson, Karen - 02Karen Simpson
Co-Executive Director and Director of Education






Linda JamesLinda James
Instructional Designer II






Murray, Ellen - 02b

Ellen Murray
Education/Training Specialist III






Stefani NixonStefani Nixon
Education/Training Specialist II






Ryan, Stephen - 8x10Stephen Ryan
IT Professional II

Tuberculosis Epidemiologic Studies Consortium

Joanne Li
Clinical Research Coordinator I






Stephanie Reynolds-Bigby
Clinical Research Coordinator I

Lab Staff


Joan Whitlock
Medical Scientist II






Lisa Zhao
Medical Scientist II