Lisa K. Ryan, PhD

Infectious Diseases/Global Medicine, Lisa Kathleen Ryan, Ph.D.

Lisa Kathleen Ryan, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine

TEL:  (352) 273-8830
CELL: (973) 715-0516
FAX:  (352) 273-8829








Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh Toxicology
M.S. West Virginia University Medical School Medical Microbiology
B.S. Penn State University Microbiology
Postdoctoral Fellowship Harvard Medical School/Mass General Hospital Pulmonary Immunology

Academic/Research Interests

  • Beta-defensin involvement in the innate immunity against viruses
  • Defensin Peptide Mimetics
  •  Pathogenesis and innate immunity to influenza virus using a mouse animal model (H1N1 and H3N2)
  • Effect of particulate matter air pollution containing vanadium pentoxide on innate immune responses against lung infections in the airway epithelium
  • Pulmonary and tumor immunology


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