Academic Exchange Programs for Residents

University of Florida-University of Veracruz

  • In order to promote academic improvement for medical residents, the University of Florida and the University of Veracruz have developed an exchange program for medical residents. This collaboration offers residents the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills and experience a different healthcare system.
  • The resident exchange program aims to encourage residents from participating institutions to engage in  comprehensive training and to adopt a global perspective on their academic, personal and social life.


UF Health Science Center

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The College of Medicine at the University of Florida opened its doors in 1956. The College strives to improve health care in Florida, our nation and throughout the globe.


School of Medicine–University of Veracruz

Facultad de Medicina

The Universidad of Veracruz is an independent, public institution of higher education. Its goal is to preserve, create and transmit culture to the benefit of society and with the highest level of academic quality.


Planning Meeting


May 20, 2014