Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Checklist


UF recommends Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) .  Students with GatorGradCare or GatorCare insurance meet UF requirements and will not have to purchase additional insurance, they will only have to complete the online travel registration. Students without GatorGradCare or GatorCare insurance will have to purchase CISI health insurance through the enrollment Travel Insurance Checklist CISI plans will included in UF-sponsored program fees; those who are participating in independent programs will be billed separately. Some Independent programs provide insurance that meet UF regulations, thus CISI will not be needed. UF Health insurance may have restricted coverage while traveling. Check your individual policy for coverage. Below are recommendations of what to look for in coverage abroad. Know this list is an extensive coverage of insurance and is optional.

  • Minimum $1M for Emergency Medical
  • All Inclusive Hospital & Medical Services (Check Deductibles)
  • Direct Pay to Foreign Providers
  • Bedside Assistance for Emergency Contact
  • 24/7 Hotline with Emergency Translation Service
  • A Travel Card or App
  • Anxiety, Mental Health Coverage
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Lost or Stolen Personal Property
  • Death
  • Legal – Don’t be caught guilty until proven innocent.
  • Repatriation for:
    • ☐  Illness                        ☐  Injury               ☐  Natural Disaster                      
    • ☐  Civil Unrest               ☐  Death               ☐  Ransom                                               
  • Read Fine Print – Exclusions & Limitations