The Cloud

The Cloud Checklist

When traveling, all important information should be saved in one location for you or others to gain access when needed. This checklist provides a list of all information that should be saved “in the cloud” such as Dropbox, Google Docs, etc. and sent to a contact in your Department and to your emergency contacts.

Dropbox OneDrive-Logo GoogleDrive

Complete and Upload Emergency Contacts Form

Upload Arrival and Departure Flight Information
Communicate with contacts how you will be contacting them once you arrive in the country.  

Complete and Upload Travel Information Form   

Complete and Upload Medical Information Form
Include in this upload your travel insurance policy information and photocopy of your immunization records. Also upload a copy of this form completed in the native language of the country.

Upload Copy of

☐   Passport            ☐   Prescriptions            ☐   Items in Wallet                ☐   UF TEAMASSIST Card

☐   Credit Cards      ☐   Driver’s License       ☐   Power of Attorney           ☐   STEP Enrollment

Email Link
Email the link of these documents to your Emergency Contacts.