Money and Security

Money and Security Checklist


Debit/Credit Card.
Notify your bank and credit card company of your travel and dates. Some locations require a visible bank logo (i.e. Master Card or Visa) on the card. 

Identify Your Travel Budget.
Determine whether you will be able to withdraw cash from local ATMs.

Exchange Rate. Visit 
ATMs usually provide the best available exchange rate. Bring a back-up card in case your primary card does not work. When exchanging U.S. dollars, only bring bills printed after 2013 to meet exchange security requirements.

Type of Currency.
Carry a small amount of local currency – not every place will accept credit or debit cards.

ATM Machines. Visit
Exercise caution at ATM machines. 

Emergency Funds.
Have sufficient funds available to cover emergencies or unexpected expenses.

US Passports

Scams Abroad.  Visit
Take precautions to protect yourself and your money.  

Enable International Calling on Your Cell Phone.
Research the best way you can be reached in the country you will be traveling. Is a cell phone the best option?  Check your mobile carrier for international fees and capabilities.

Phone #:  ____________________________    

 ☐ Know how to call, use Whatsapp, Skype, or FaceTime abroad. A copy of your passport is needed to get a sim card.

Ensure passport date goes beyond 6 months of your return date.

Signed Power of Attorney.
☐   HIPPA      ☐    FERPA

Transportation Plan.
Determine a transportation plan. Who will pick you up at the airport? Who will you contact if that person is not there? What is the address, phone and route to the Embassy or Consulate from airport.  What is the safest mode of transportation from the airport if required.   

Lost or Stolen Passports. Visit Travel.State.Gov: US Passport & International Travel