Training Programs

Our program offers a variety of training options for short-term & long-term educational goals. Some program options allow opportunities for travel, internships, and experience in the field. Each training program each is outlined, below.

Advanced Degree Training Programs at University of Ghana

The advanced degree programs at the University of Ghana for potential trainees include a PhD in public health and masters programs in public health or health informatics.  All program trainees, including medium and short-term trainees, will have access to courses offered in the masters of public health program at the University of Ghana School of Public Health (UGSPH). Trainees are encouraged to enroll in courses in the biostatistics, and epidemiology and disease control departments. Trainees will have the opportunity to apply for internships, research projects, and to work with faculty mentors.

Long-Term Training

Ghanaian trainees will participate in well-established training programs at the University of Ghana and the University of Florida. Students at the University of Ghana will be able to take classes at UF to complete their thesis project and/or to gain skills in an area that is unavailable at UG.  For example, trainees have the opportunity to enroll in the masters of science program at UF.  Applicants have the option to apply to one of the following concentrations:  bio-statistics, environmental health, epidemiology, public health policy and management, or social and behavioral sciences.  Qualified trainees may also apply to a public health doctoral program in one of the aforementioned concentrations, or to a doctoral program in health services research.

Post-doctoral trainees will work in laboratories or other established programs to enhance their skill sets in public health, immunology, molecular biology, pharmacology, or other related basic science or clinical research disciplines.  The trainee may also take one or two graduate level courses per semester for two semesters at UF during the academic year, along with the Summer Institute for Clinical and Translational Research at UF.

Medium-Term Training and Lab Training

This six-month program allows participants to enroll in courses at UF for one semester or acquire technical skills to enhance research productivity.  Participants will receive clinical or basic research training in a topic area of their interest.  Selected trainees may receive targeted training in laboratory techniques at UF for one to three months. Research administration and research ethics may also be topics included in the training.

In-Country Short-Term Training

Faculty from the University of Florida and University of Ghana will provide research training workshops in Ghana. Workshop topics include research methods, ethics, manuscript writing, grant writing or TB/HIV research priorities in Ghana. These workshops will have capacity to train 20 – 40 scientist and researchers depending on the topic.