Application Process

To apply, download the application and attach the following documents to your completed application.

  1. A statement in English describing how you will apply your training research in TB/HIV in your sponsoring institution, and a brief description of 1 or 2 specific research projects you would like to undertake.
  2. Complete list of your research products, organized as follows: a. Published research related to TB or HIV/AIDS or TB/HIV coinfection b. Unpublished research, reports, presentations c. Other research products, ongoing projects, and other relevant experience
  3. An official letter from the Dean, Director, or Chief of your sponsoring institution or agency, proposing and recommending you for the specific training for which you are applying. The letter must indicate your current employment status with the institution; your employment status upon return from the proposed training; and document that you will be in a position to carry out TB/HIV related research with your sponsoring institution when you return from your training.
  4. Please ask one person who is familiar with your professional work (in addition to the Director/Dean/Chief’s letter) to write a letter of recommendation.
  5. A current Curriculum Vitae. VI. A copy of the photo page of your passport. Please email application and materials to: