UF & The Villages: COVID-19 Testing Center

Dr. Michael Lauzardo & the UF Health Team

As published in the UF Health Newsroom, “University of Florida Health experts and their collaborators completed over 2,000 COVID-19 tests in The Villages┬« last week, and while the number of positive cases is still low, experts urge continued vigilance to reduce the risk of community spread. “

As COVID-19 testing shows early progress in the fight against the emerging novel virus, testing at The Villages in Ocala has shown early findings to have been a promising initiative by UF Health officials. Our own Associate Professor & Deputy Director of the Emerging Pathogens Institute, Dr. Michael Lauzardo, has been working with local, regional, and state officials as well as Gov. Ron Santis to extend testing in this central Florida area. “Lauzardo said health officials want to keep monitoring the area as the epidemic unfolds” in his interview with the UF Health Newsroom.

More information can be found on the original article by UF Health’s Newsroom: https://ufhealth.org/news/2020/early-findings-covid-19-testing-villages-encouraging-experts-urge-vigilance