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International Dengue Course-Instituto Pedro Kouri

Published: Apr 24th, 2017

The “Pedro Kourí” Tropical Medicine Institute (IPK), located in Havana, Cuba, is a world-renowned public health institution and hospital that focuses on scientific research, academic training and clinical care. It […]

2016 Department of Medicine, Celebration of Research

Published: Oct 26th, 2016

Join us in congratulating Anthony Cannella, MD, Nancy Seraphin, PhD, Justin May, and Mohammed Khan for taking home awards at the 2016 Department of Medicine, Celebration of Research event. Dr. […]

Congratulations Dr. Gary Wang

Congratulations Dr. Gary Wang

Published: Oct 20th, 2015

The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) recognized Dr. Gary Wang as a fellow given his achieved professional excellence and significant service to the profession. Dr. Wang received a NIH Exploratory/Developmental […]

Gatorade is Celebrating 50 Years and It’s Impact on Research

Published: Oct 9th, 2015


Dr. Cannella’s Research on the Immunology of Neglected Diseases

Published: Sep 3rd, 2015

Dr. Anthony P. Cannella can be described as a triple threat. He serves as an attending physician, researcher and professor at the University of Florida. Along with his research role […]

Dr. Vittor’s Research on Emergent Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus

Published: Sep 3rd, 2015

  Research on emergent eastern equine encephalitis virus in Darien, Panama in collaboration with the Gorgas Memorial Institute (GMI), Panama   South American eastern equine encephalitis virus (family Togaviridae, genus […]

Welcome to our 2015 Infectious Diseases Fellows

Welcome to our 2015 Infectious Diseases Fellows

Published: Jun 6th, 2014

The Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program provides strong training in a dynamic academic environment with opportunities in the usual clinical arena and research and on the field experiences.